Why Choose Cornerstone Property Management?


A property managing agent provides the management of numerous responsibilities which come with the ownership of real estate. Freeholders and landlords normally have their own full-time occupations as well as other pressures in their lives, leaving little or no time to manage their properties.

Consequently, this may lead to service charges not being collected, communal areas becoming unkempt and other lessees becoming disgruntled.

This is where Cornerstone steps in, accepting the key responsibilities as they are delegated, and ensuring that overall control is still retained by the property owners.

What we offer is peace of mind to our clients, handling the management of their building and its  accounts. These are consistently reviewed and overseen to ensure proficiency, transparency and value for money at every stage.

Our property management services are contracted by a variety of clients, including private leaseholders and investors.

With a dedicated manager and specialist accountancy team, you’ll get support across the board for:

  • Organised collection of service charges
  • Regular scheduled site visits
  • Access to reputable and efficient tradespeople
  • General site maintenance and repairs
  • Health and safety, insurance and rent negotiation for mixed use sites
  • Monthly statements and year end accounting
  • Rent collection, and prompt payment over to you
  • Emergency out-of-hours services for tenants